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Why Should You Contact Breslow's Bookkeeping Business A.S.A.P.?

As a small business owner, you have important requirements to fulfull to properly handle your own books.  We can take care of your books for you, so you can get back to the job of running your business and generating profits! 


Just A Few Perks of Using Breslow's Bookkeeping Business.....


Our skillset can keep you on track, eliminate errors, fees, and late payments.  Additionally, we will keep you organized, in control of your finances, AND provide your CPA with the information they need at year end to file your taxes.


Beth Breslow, the owner is  always available to spend time with you so that you can fully understand how to interpret and utilizate the financial information provided.  This is already included in your hourly rate, so please feel free to call her at 215.272.5217 whenever you have a question or concern.


It's almost a brand new year and your business is growing faster than you could have imagined.  You can't keep up with your books and are worried that you are headed in the wrong direction.  Leave the worry and stress behind.  With Breslow's Bookkeeping Business, you will achieve accurate accounting reports while you continue to increase profits.


2019 Could Be Your Greatest Year Yet!



You may have an accounting “mess” and need my services SOONER rather than later if any of the following apply to your business:


  • You struggle to get timely financial and statistical information.
  • You never seem to get caught up.
  • Your financial statements are not ready by the 10th of the month for the previous month.
  • Your customers or vendors say your information is inaccurate.
  • You do not have the time to invoice your customers to receive payment.
  • Your company is understaffed and has high turnover.
Most companies require professional help to straighten out these issues.  Breslow's Bookkeeping Business knows how to identify and implement solutions quickly and efficiently and get you back on track!


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